Starting over :-(

Oh god I just got oldish. 20 years ago I was playing with pirate versions of Cubase and Fruity-loops on a 32 bit PC with 128MB ram and actually making music .4/5 years ago Wifely got me a legal copy of Cubase LE 7 but I didn’t have any projects to use it. I’ve started to try and use it and I have no idea what I’m doing. FL won’t work in 64bit. All the forums have gone.

I’ve been away looking at other forms of music and playing live for a fair few years

So… I think I want to start making recorded music. The old illegal tools would still do the job except that I don’t need to be illegal any more plus they don’t work in 64bit. I need still Cubase as a DAW obviously. but I also need a drum sampler like FL studio so that I can use recorded percussion.

What do I need?

Cubase has everything you need. Watch the getting started videos on the Steinberg Cubase Youtube page

Cubase LE may not have Groove Agent SE or a sampler track (not sure) but if not, an upgrade to Cubase Elements should be very inexpensive (~$50).

For an extensive comparison please refer to this:

Cubase has everything you need. I don’t know how Cubase was in your era. I was a lil child back then. If Cubase has changed since then, you’d have to go through the learning curve. I believe it would not be any steeper than a stick.
Good Luck.

I’ve gotten oldish… time has always been the stealer, no time to write/play. However, if you no longer need to use cracked versions, then spend the spend and get down to the learning curve, sooner you do, sooner you’ll be happy again. Best of luck. The internet is littered with tutorials… its much easier now than it used to be with just Steinberg manuals to go by!