starting with wavelab

Hey all. just got wavelab 7! plenty of experience in Cubase but any advice on where to start to learn with wavelab?

I know there’s a Wavelab 7 Power! book out at the end of may but was wondering if there any good beginner guides out there?

I’d suggest you start with the WL6 manual, which I guess still can be downloaded from Steinberg. Don’t take everything literally, cause obviously a LOT has changed between the versions, but to grasp the basic terminology, concepts and methods, I think it’s a pretty good start. Unfortunately, you’re starting with the version that has no real manual, but 'nuff said about that…

Luck, Arjan

this video tutorial is very good.

Keep your eye on

8 hours of ‘Wavelab 7’ info soon to be released.

Looks good.