'starts voice' toggle troubles -- possible bug?

New to Dorico here. I tried the ‘starts voice’ toggle for the first time today, but I can’t seem to get it to latch into the on position. It’s fighting me all the way. (See attached video.) Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Any help or advise would be appreciated. Thanks.


Rule #1: Don’t use it.

I should say, very rarely. Instead, if what you need to do is remove an unwanted rest (which is typically the case), Select the rest and choose Edit—Remove Rests.

It’s not a bug. There are several factors involving “starts voice,” and if they don’t all line up, it won’t work. That’s why Remove Rests is the better option. Assign it to Ctrl-Shift-R—you’ll use it often!

Thanks Dan. Good to know. I did use this method to remove the rest, then I decided it was a bad idea and ended up going back and re-distributing the first beat so it was shared between voices. Ultimately, I think this made the bar easier to read. So I guess the voice toggle in Dorico is more like a spell checker. If it thinks omitting a particular rest is a bad idea, maybe it’s trying to tell me I should re-think what I trying do! Not such a bad thing after all.

I’d need to see the original project to be able to say for sure what’s going on there, but normally if the ‘Starts voice’ property won’t stick, it’s because there is a conflicting property on another note or voice in the surrounding area. As Dan says, using Remove Rests is generally a lot easier, because Dorico figures all of those complexities out for you.