Startup Manager, allow "No Driver" to be selected

I would be nice, since there is now a way to disable plug-in’s, to be able to select No Driver as well, so that i/o remains unaffected, i.e., when you need to go into a project to view data only (or potentially edit, e.g., automation or MIDI) and that this setting will be remembered on a per-project basis.


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No driver, means no audio. So, no preview too.


Thanks for the reply.

Information such as MIDI data can be edited, without hearing anything (there was a time when on Windows systems, the MIDI synth could be used) as can automation, and tempo which I often snap to beats/bars or in the case of tempo, round to the nearest 250th tick when I don’t have the interface on but when starting up, after a save; the interface isn’t automatically added so I think there is a potential use case.


I might misremember and I haven’t double checked, but if the ASIO driver that was used when the project was last saved is not available, you should get a notification when opening the project.
There, you should have the option to change to an available driver or stay with the last used (now unavailable) driver. Wouldn’t the latter be an option in your case?


That is the case, when there is more than one driver I believe (the old DirectX driver unnecessarily complicates things in my view and should be removed) however, once you save a project with No Driver selected, this will be the option that is selected automatically on next program load and if you change it to a working driver, i/o can be affected, which would require you to select valid inputs and outputs.

If there is no preset available, then i/o selection must be done manually.