Startup Minimized

I’m trying to figure out why when version 7 starts along with Novation Automap, the Hub screen does not appear unless the bouncing Cubase icon is clicked from the Mac dock. I have SHOW HUB enabled @ startup and the program is running fine otherwise. I also have versions 5 and 6 installed and their startups default to the Open Project/New Project template window so I’m not sure if Automap is the culprit here. I can’t seem to find an option in preferences either.



Was that supposed to be your way of being “Zen” with a “Punch”?

Hi Teo, actually this is our resident, forum-maggot and this is his “normal” way of communicating to the world that he is a miserable human being whose only release in life is to ANONYMOUSLY harass others. It’s definitely not Zen. Proceed and post with caution!