Startup - Project select


Is it possible to let me select the project I want to work on when starting the Cubasis App rather than just loading the last project I was working on.

Use case:

Last night I was working on a project that had various IAA apps and IAA FX etc.

This morning I fancy starting another project but I have to load my previously worked on project from last night.

This then means each IAA app and IAA FX app loads up (in stealth mode) in the background with my project :cry:

So I then have to switch to all the IAA apps & FX 1 by 1 to open them up and then go back into Cubasis to then close the project and open a new one.

I then have to close all the IAA apps and IAA FX down manually.

Is there a workaround? :confused:

if not can this be added as a feature request?


A quick fix is to load a blank template before you switch off.

Hi Dave,

I’ll add it to our list of feature requests!

This is great, thanks. It is exactly like like described by Dave. And its really a pain.