Startup SLOW stuck at "initializing MIDI"

Hi all,

I have been experiencing this problem since version 6 (maybe even 5…I forgot how it was). I use Nvidia 560ti and it has audio interface built in for HDMI stuff, I disabled and removed its drivers but still no luck. Cubase still spends 30-40 seconds initializing MIDI. The time from zero to the beginning of “initizlizing MIDI” is only 2-3 seconds, and after initizalizing MIDI, again maybe 4-5 second… I desperately need a solution as this problem makes cubase starts as long as 1:15 minutes. One might say it’s not too much but I use cubase 8 hours a day and I switch between cubase and other audio software so it really is just a waste of time watching cubase startup !

noone? is it only me!?


Same request here:

ok great, I will continue from that thread, thanks