Startup time

Hi there.
Everytime I start Cubase (noe on 8.0.10 but this is on every V) after power on my daw it takes about 1m30s to start, holding Vst2 plug, I imagine that it does a sort of fast scan of the plugs I’ve on the workstation.
After this firt launch of Cubase, if I close and reopen it it takes maximum 5/6s to start.

Anyone knows if there’s a sort of option that could faster also the very first opening of Cubase?

Same here but I have a lot of plug-ins. My initial scan after start/restart of computer and launch of Cubase 8.0.10 is 5 to 6 minutes! If I then close Cubase and launch the program again, the program takes maybe 15 seconds or so to start. Fortunately, my system is stable and Cubase runs very well. If there is an issue that causes me to restart the computer, between the Windows 7 64 start time and Cubase launch with plug-in rescan I am looking at 12 to 15 minutes. Not amusing if there is a client present at the time. But I must say, I have been using Cubase since 93 and the current release is the best yet. Simply amazing!

May I suggest that you check for other programs that are running in the background. Maybe you can eliminate some of those which might help CB to start faster. However, I think that what you describe as your initial and subsequent startup times are probably close (+/- 15 seconds) to typical. This is just an “uneducated” guess based on what I’ve read around here and of course there is a big time dependency on your system specs and the amount of plug-ins being loaded.

FWIW… Mine takes about 60 seconds to start from scratch. This is a slight improvement (10-20 sec maybe) from the CB 7.x series. Subsequent startups take maybe 40 seconds.

Regards :sunglasses:

No other programs in background. I’ve a fully-optimized system, in fact it’s not really a problem, just a “nerd” thing :smiley:

Mine doesn’t take as long, but it does take a few to get ramped up the first start up.

Mine takes about 10-15 seconds and I’ve always considered that normal from 7.0 - 7.5 - 8.

Always the same from version to version, including the updates.