Startup window: Open Project?

am I right that there is no option (yet) to open a project from Wavelab 9’s Startup Window?
There is this “recent projects”-option, but this doesn’t give you the opportunity to find that particular, old project you’ve been working on a long time ago…
I hope an option to browse for a project will be implemented in the Startup Window’s Open/ Browse dialog?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

This will need to be added. Right now, you have to open from WaveLab file view.

I think it completes the Startup Window, and in the meanwhile I’ll use Wavelabs’ FILE-menu.
Thanks again.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

I just finished a surround project which I back-up’d on an external HD.
It consist of a projectfile with includes 4 montages.

When I double click on this projectfile, Wavelab opens an empty file group, instead of the 4 montages…
Also; when I select Open/Project from the menu, an empty file group opens, instead of the 4 montages.
I am sure I properly saved this particular project…am I overlooking something -again-?

Thanks, Niek.

Try top open the project file in a binary editor, to check if you see any of your file path. If this is the case, this is an “open” issue, else that was a “save” issue.

Remember also this: if you don’t choose once “Keep file after closing”, and close the file, then the file is removed from the project.

I got your point.
I checked it and -indeed- a couple of open/save folders were pointing in the wrong direction.

Thanks again.