State saving bug

Hi Lars and all the team, merry Christmas.
I have a problem with state saving in Cubasis 3…
Here is a screen recording showing the problem. It happens with all Au synths, not just Moog apps.

I am using an iPad Pro, iOS 14 (latest update) and the latest Cubasis update… in fact I’ve updated all my apps to the latest versions.
Also, aftertouch is not being recorded.
AND when I render to audio either by freezing or mixdown only the preset sound is rendered… with no automation, or rather, if I have any automation on the midi synth, like mod wheel, filter etc then it will not be rendered into the audio part.

Look forward to fix soon

All the best



I’ve noticed that the sale launch screen appears at the beginning of the clip.
Please launch Cubasis and tap the screen, to make it disappear.

Once done, are you able to reproduce the issues?


The sale launch screen pops up every time I open Cubasis.
Yes I can reproduce the issue with any Au synth.

Here is another example with a different Au synth.

The synth sound is reset to default after shutting down Cubasis and reopening again.

Happy new year Lars…
I would like to bring this back to your attention, see below the correct procedure for reporting problems.
Just now wondering if anyone else has this problem ?

SUMMARY/TITLE - State saving issue with AUv3 synths. Cubasis 3 will reset AU synths to a default sound after closing down Cubasis 3 and reopening. This only happens when the synth controls have been modified/adjusted prior to closing down Cubasis.

DESCRIPTION - Here is how to recreate the problem… 1. Open Cubasis. 2. Clear pop up ! . 3. Create a Midi track. 4. Load an AU synth and note the default sound. 5. Select a sound. 6. Modify the sound…this is important, as I have found that if the synth controls are NOT used/modified Cubasis will re-open with the correct sound…BUT… if the synth controls ARE used (to change/tailor a sound) then Cubasis will re-open with a default sound.
7. Listen…listen to the new modified sound, take note of slider and dial positions. 8. Now shut down Cubasis. 9. Wait a min. 10. Open up Cubasis 3. 11. Clear pop up. 12. Reveal AU synth and see default sound, not the sound we last left it at.

EXPECTED RESULTS - State saving. I expect to see and hear the exact sound that was being used before closing Cubasis down. Just like Cubasis 2.

ACTUAL RESULTS - After selecting an AU synth sound to use and spending time modifying it for the particular song then closing down Cubasis 3, when re-opening Cubasis 3 the AU synth has been reset to its default sound.

ENVIROMENT - Cubasis 3 3.2. iPadPro (2018) 9”. iOS 14.2

As I may have mentioned above Cubasis 2 does not exhibit this behaviour and there are 2 video examples above .


edit need to test

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Thanks @Janosax. Post back how it goes for you. Cheers


I have similar issues with AUV3 effects, randomly goes to default settings (happens many times with Bleass delay, Eos 2, etc but also Waves internal channel strip…) but now I can confirm this procedure, just move knobs and every settings will go back to default on next CB3 launch. In my case this happens mostly with Ruismaker but from time to time with other AU instruments. This makes me lose all my mixing/sound design work… !!! Steinberg, this issue breaks everything, Cubasis 3 is not usable at all, that’s not acceptable, I’ve bought CB3 and all IAPS. I’ve updated my 7 Plus to iOS 14.3 from 13.7 because of that issue, for no fix. Sorry, I love the software but please make it usable and stable as it should, we need a proper reliable iOS DAW this just drives me nuts… I don’t want to switch back to laptop, I dig making music with touchscreen and CB3 is so good with automation… Thanks.

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Thanks for confirming @Janosax. Yes very unuseable .

Hi RUncELL, Hi Janosax,

Cubasis 3 is supposed to save the state when you close the instrument or effect rack, as you do in the videos. We cannot reproduce this issue on iPad Pro, iOS 14.2, tested with Model 15, Ruismaker, and many other AUs.

Please try the following to help us to narrow down the issue:

  1. Does it make a difference if Background Audio is enabled under Setup / Audio?

  2. Does it make a difference if you select a preset in the Cubasis preset browser or in the AU’s internal preset loading system?

  3. Does it make a difference if you go to the home screen first (swipe all the way up), then open the multitask switcher (swipe to the center and hold a bit) and quit Cubasis 3 (swipe it up)?

& stay safe,

Thanks Lars.
It’s good to hear that Cubasis 3 ‘should’ be state saving… but the videos clearly demonstrate that it is not happening.
-Select a sound (other than the default sound) and modify it, use the synths front panel dials…Only then will it reset to default on relaunch.

I will try what you suggest, but not 100% confident that they will solve the problem.

Can your team make a video showing it working ?

Edit - not when closing instrument or fx rack… when closing the app itself.

Thanks Lars


Hi Lars,

Thanks for providing this info. It seems that solution three greatly help. You can try this:

Ruismaker shows the issue constantly, other AUV3 instruments/effects it’s more randomly.

1- load Ruismaker and move its knobs to change its settings. Playing sounds seems to help with the issue so I use a midi part to trigger Ruismaker.
2- double home button and swipe the app to close.
3- Open again. Ruismaker settings are lost, goes back to default.
4- change settings again, tap home button one time to go to Home Screen then go multitask and swipe Cubasis 3 to close.
5- open again, Ruismaker settings are still there as they should.
6- if you double tap home button and swipe app settings will be lost again.

Note that again other AUV3 can have the issue too, but much more randomly so it’s difficult to reproduce. Ruismaker is nice to test and fix.

I can provide a video if needed. You could also update to 14.3 which seems to have its own set of issues if you can’t reproduce with 14.2.

EDIT: issue with Ruismaker is more random on iPad Air 3 iPadOS 14.3 but still happens. You need definitely try with iPhones too, other iPad models and 14.3.

@RUncELL try the Home Screen/button thing to confirm if it helps on your side too.


Hi all,

Our engineering is now able to reproduce the problem.
The issue is planned to be resolved in an upcoming update.


That’s great news, can’t wait to try CB3 fixed!!!For now, I really try to don’t forget to go Home Screen before closing CB3, seems to be a good workaround, at least it’s usable that way.

@LSlowak will this update be available soon?

Hi Janosax,

Thanks for your message.

We plan to release an immediate 3.2.1 update, which resolves a few issues such as the “moving events” problem. Hopefully, it will be possible to address the issue mentioned here in our next regular update.


Thanks Lars.

Glad to hear you can reproduce the issue.

Look forward to a fix, and to be able to use Cubasis again.


Hi Lars,

I must say that I’ve not had state saving issues since I go to home screen before closing the app, so it’s a good workaround.

But I’m often scared to use Cubasis because I can forget to do that workaround gesture. Mobile music is all about immediacy and feeling free about making music spontaneously.

I really hope for an ASAP fix, and that it’s on upper high priority list for your dev team.

When CB3 works well, I love it, workflow is really nice :slight_smile:



The issue is still there after all those months and various updates, see this video with 3.3 and latest iOS on 7 Plus, issue is with Air 3 too:

AUV3 can randomly goes back to default. This is with various ones like Dubstation 2, Roughrider 2, Fac Maxima, Caelum Audio Beef, and others…

This unfortunately makes Cubasis 3 unreliable for music making, as mix settings and hours of work which come with are easily lost in current app state.

I love the app, workflow is so nice. I bought an iPad Pro M1 mostly for Cubasis 3. Please fix it, we need it on iOS!!! In current state, I need to switch back to GarageBand on iOS which state save AUV3 properly.

See topic on Audiobus forum with attached poll:

Hi @Janosax,

Thanks for your message.
Already replied to the Audiobus forum:

The issue is planned to be resolved with the upcoming Cubasis 3.3.1 update, planned to be released sometime soon.