Statement Paper Size - does not appear in print mode

Hi there!

I have a hymn I need to put in a Sunday bulletin programme. In Layout Options | Page Set up, I choose Statement paper size (it’s letter size landscape and folded) 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches

However when I go to Print Mode, Statement paper size does not appear in the available list. And when you compare the lists of page sizes in Set Up and the page sizes in Print Mode, the list is quite different. Perhaps this has something to do with the printer?

  1. Why are the 2 lists not the same?

2 Can I get the Statement size in Print Mode? I’d like to be able to print a PDF in that size.

The list of paper sizes given in Print mode when you have Printer chosen as your destination is populated by your printer’s driver (or, more accurately, by the intersection between the paper sizes reported by your driver and the paper sizes recognised by the underlying Qt framework on which Dorico’s UI layer depends).

Fortunately you don’t need to choose the right paper size in order to export a PDF of the appropriate size: PDFs you export when choosing Graphics as the destination in Print mode will always use the page size defined in Layout Options.