Static after monitor install

I have a MacBook Air 2017 with 8 gig ram and have always been able to have at least 8-10 tracks
going without any static or pops etc… I recently installed an external monitor
and only use it with Cubase 11. But after 3-4 tracks I am getting much static and pops…is there any reason that adding an external monitor would make that happen??? I am using the thunderbolt 2 port to mirror the laptop screen on the monitor. Its a 2456 ViewSonic monitor. I use an adaptor to change thunderbolt 2 to HDMI. What do you think??? I plan on getting an M1X Mac
as soon as they are available…thanks


There is another thread on similar topic already. Please, search for it.

It seems, the HDMI screen just eats some resources Cubase would use, if the screen is not connected.