Static Noise from mr816x

Hi all,

This is my first post here. Whenever there were problems I visited this forum often as a guest. So thanks for problems you guys already solved…
Last week i purchased the mr816x to work with my cubase 5 on a macbook.

After some installing I had the following problem: The revx wasnt working. Thinking it had something to do with the monitoring, I activated ‘direct monitoring’. When ik ticked that box a harsh static noise came blasting through my headphones. When it was off, my guitar sounded good through my headphones and played back in cubase fine. During the static I had a guitar plugged in input one, but when i raised the volume on the guitar, the peak/level meter on input 2 went red. My master control was set to 1 as was my headphone volume. My monitors didnt have sound.

Thinking it was a driver problem I updated the driver (again). After that all the lights stayed red. And I had static now in both my monitors and headphones. Someone suggested a firmware update, so i did that (even though the version I had was 1.10). When the unit was rebooted I connected my guitar again and played. For a few seconds my guitar sounded great through my headphones, so i had the courage to turn on my monitors. After 2 seconds of good sound a major burst of static noise blasted through my monitors.

I already contact Steinberg cause I thought it was a driver problem. It isn’t I guess.

These problems are still there when I disconnect the firewire cable. Does anybody have an idea where this problem lies?

This is the noise coming out of my speakers…
Steinberg.mp3 (188 KB)