Static Noise - HELP!

I just purchased a Yamaha MOX6 synthesizer, which should interface directly with my PC (Dell Vista 32 bit) and into my previously installed Cubase LE5 or the Yamaha supplied Cubase AI5.

Prior to this, I had an Audio Control interface with an Axiom keyboard - everything worked and no noise, clean sound.

Now, going going directly from the Yamaha MOX6 to the laptop via usb connection, I am getting very loud and continuous static and popping noise, and the volume output from Cubase is weak.

Anyone else come across this, and if so, andy solutions???

Needing Help in Houston!!!

Ground loop or modulation of A/D/A converters by the USB , very common problem, it is recommended to use MIDI in those situations as MIDI has optoisolators and does therefore not suffer from those issues although laptop users may find that annoying since that requires an extra box.

There are companies that sell USB optoisolators, but these are speciality items intended for hi-fi devices and product designers and thus a bit expensive.

If it is a ground loop rather than a modulation issue you can try grounding either the synth or the computer but it is not guaranteed to work or if your laptop has more than one USB bus try switching between ports, sometimes a cardbus USB card will be decoupled from the mainboard better than a built in USB so if you can get one on loan to try that may be worth a try