static noise on bv track

So I recorded some great BV’s last week on my singers cubase 5 system brought the project home and all of a sudden 2 of 5 takes have nothing but this hissy static noise! I have not experienced this problem before and can’t get the original takes back :angry: its worth noting that I’m transferring the recordings back to 7.5 once recorded on 5 for mix down and have been using this method for months with no dramas…until now…

Any idea what has caused this problem? Can I get these takes back?

Does your singer still have them on his system? sounds like the files may have got corrupted while copying over.

over the years i have seen soooo many posts that were a result of corrupted project files i started doing track audio mixdown exports on ALL tracks…audio and midi and save those seperately. if a .cpr gets corrupted for whatever reason its a safe bet that the .wav exports are good and i can rebuild the project. bit of a time consuming PITA yes but better than a lost take/project i cant retake. i agre with grim it sounds like a corrupted file unless those takes were done using a different samplerate setup or something strange.

hope you can recover them


Make sure the sample rate matches the projects on those audio files.