Static noise

I am not using an audio interface- I do have one at home though. To be honest I don’t know much about them. I am just plugging my headphones straight into my computer. I am just using headphones at the moment.

The sound is apparent in the EQ process when I am mixing it in a DAW, I have lowered that area in the EQ process but it is still apparent in the end product.

Thanks for the reply. The software is actually called Virtual Drumline. When loading the instrument into Kontakt, it’s at 0 DB.I keep it here and when I export the audio and put it in my DAW, I keep -6 DB of headroom during the mix and then in the mastering processs I am aiming to get to -12 LU-I, however it requires me to crank the gain on the limiter, thus resulting in a distorted muddy sound.

It sounds like artifacts may have been introduced by whatever your daw processing chain is.

If noise is a problem, then it must be a problem with any project that uses that marimba instrument.
Could you therefore please create a new sample project where you let the marimba play some arbitrary notes for one bar, then pause one bar and repeat this a handful of times. If you export this then from Dorico, we should be able to see the general noise floor when the marimba is pausing.
And then you could switch the VSTinstrument to HALion Sonic, choose also there a marimba sound and export again. Then we can compare the ground noise in the pauses and find out who or what actually introduces the noise. Thanks

Yes no problem, I just sent those files to you via email, thanks!

Do think about getting the Voxengo analyzer. It’s not that expensive. Gives you immediate insight into the noise floor. It’s very sensitive and accurate. As Lord Kelvin said in the 19C, paraphrasing, what you cannot measure you cannot understand.

Hi @mameza7 ,
sorry, took a little time. I loaded both examples into Cubase’s sample editor, and I can’t see or hear significant noises in there. Maybe Andro could drive them through Voxengo…?

Built-in sound devices are in general not so good in terms of sound to noise ratio, that’s why we usually recommend external audio interfaces if you want high quality sound. (2.8 MB)

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Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for all the info. I do have an audio interface but don’t currently use it-I am not very familiar them that much- in other words, are you saying basically headphones plugged into the audio interface will produce better audio?

I can for sure hear the sound working in Dorico. It’s not every evident when the audio levels are at unity gain, but when I increase the volume on the marimba and master tracks, I can hear it. So I know the issue is coming from when I am using it in Dorico before going into my DAW.

Right. Can’t say like this in 100% of cases, but yes, in general it holds true.

Is the Dorico mixer maybe clipping? Have a look at the master channel output in Play Mode or the mixer window (F3).