Static position and size for all VST and VSTi preset popups

I’m kind of sick and tired of resizing all but a few of, mainly Steinberg’s own, plugin in preset browsers.
We’re used to having these disappearing on us so we can’t do anything else than selecting presets when they’re open.
Maybe that’s OK since that’s why you opened the popup.
This is not what this is about.
I’m talking about I wish to be able to set up a position and a size (x,y, w, h) for all these popup preset browsers so they appear on the same place at the same size for every VST and VSTi.
Depending on where the plugin is on the screen half the popup could be outside of the actual screen.
And It’s resized so it doesn’t look like it did 20 seconds ago …
I guess this must be the single most annoying thing for me at the moment with Cubase.
It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to use these boxes a few hundred times a day!!!