Static while recording--Cubase Elements

I’m using a high quality condenser mic but my recordings all have this constant static in the background. I’ve isolated the problem as I turn the volume all the way up and turn on the “monitor” feature, which allows me to hear exactly what is being recorded, and the static is still there even when the room is dead silent. Noise gate only gets rid of the static in the “silent” parts of the recording, not the actual parts with sound, and equalization is useless as I’ve turned on the “spectrum” feature and observed that the static is present from 20hz-20khz. Any suggestions?

And the mic is connected to your computer how??

Through a usb sound card. It’s on a laptop, so there’s only 1 built in audio jack.

…which USB sound card? Do you mean a USB audio interface…again, which one?

And while you’re at it. Which good quality mic? What connectors at each end of the cable? How high is your mic preamp gain?