Statistics Panel - RMS

Hi, this is a really basic question, but I am having problems getting my head around this…

If I run “Statistics” on an example file in Nuendo 5.5, I get the following RMS values:

Max RMS Power: -13.92 dB
Average: -26.88 dB

The same file gives the following result in Nuendo 6.5:

Max RMS: -14.14 dB
Average RMS (AES-17): -43.46dB

Now, leaving aside the 3dB difference between “standard” RMS and AES-17, why (a) 0.22 DB difference in the “Max” reading and, most importantly, (b) why the 16.58 dB difference in the Average?

It’s going to be really obvious, I know…


Was this ever answered? I get the same… (in Nuendo 7).