There are various statistics that would be nice to have quick access to. The top two for me would be range/highest note/lowest note (both written and sounding), and active frames (a non empty measure). These would ideally apply to either a selection, entire flow, or entire project.

Range stats would be great for arranging purposes.
Counting active frames is often done as a lot of copyists/engravers charge per frame instead of an hourly rate or a page rate. Counting frames in a large score manually is quite tedious.

Of course there’s more stats that could be useful, but these are the two that come to mind.

+1. I typically need this info for brass players in particular. I’m not really sure how to implement it exactly, but I would love to be able to see the range stats for either each instrument or each player.

I also would love to see font statistics for a project as well. This would aid in collaborations, or for simply making sure all the fonts are present when switching between desktop and laptop. I’ve used this many times in Finale although it’s in TGTools/Miscellaneous/Font Info and not actually in the factory version of the program. In D3, Preferences/General/“Warn when projects use fonts not installed on this computer” is certainly helpful, but it’s sometimes too late at that point. It would be great to be able to cross check a list beforehand (and to be able to copy and paste it) to ensure everyone or every computer that needs to access the project has all the correct fonts installed.

I feel like this could be pretty simple to do with a plug-in, once custom plug-ins become implemented.

Total bars in a project/flow would be great for billing purposes!