Status "deleted" in eLicenser after upgrading to the new Steinberg Activation System

Have any of you already redeemed vouchers in your Steinberg account to upgrade vstsound content to the new activation system?
I did this with my Apollo license for Padshop and now I can no longer use these presets under Cubase 11 pro. They are no longer displayed in the Mediabay of C11.
With C12 everything works fine.
Details here:
Apollo no longer available in Cubase 11 after license upgrade - Virtual instruments / Padshop - Steinberg Forums

But I know colleagues who only use an older Cubase version and have also upgraded the vstsound content. The content can no longer be used for them!
Anyone have similar experiences?

The cause of the problem seems to be that the old eLicenser license not only gets the addition “upgraded … with Steinberg Licensing”, but also the status “deleted”.

I have the same Trouble with Granular Symphonies. eLicenser says status ‘deleted’.
So i cannot use is in Cubase 11. Works only in Cubase 12.

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This is a ‘known’ issue

Assuming you have the new licence activated in the Steinberg Activation Manager then the latest version of Padshop (which IS SAM - aware) should load Apollo just fine in C11.

You won’t see it in Cubase 11 directly - and it will probably throw an error when C11 starts.

I’m not sure why SB changed over from allowing older licences to remain active on the elicencer to deleting them but yes, it’s irritating.

Both Cubase versions use the same Padshop vst3 file and access the same vstsound folder. In Cubase 12, Padshop “sees” the Apollo presets, but unfortunately not in Cubase 11.

Cubase 12 pro:

Cubase 11 pro:


2.1.0 is the latest version of Padshop…and you must have Apollo activated in SAM as C12 sees it ok.

I don’t have any Padshop extensions to double check - although @MrSoundman had Zero Gravity that was upgraded (and deleted from his elicenser) - not sure what version of cubase though.

I have GA and Halion expansions that have been updated to SAM (and deleted from the elicenser) and both of these appear just fine in the latest version of GA/Halion despite running in C11/N11. They flag an error when starting C11/N11 but GA/Halion have their own preset browser so it’s not a problem in use.

There is obviously something odd going on with Padshop - as you should be able to use it in any DAW - and I’ve got a specific SAM licence for Padshop so it should be able to use SAM just fine (no dongle needed) - so why isn’t it seeing your Apollo licence …?

TBH I never use padshop but are you forced to use the Mediabay to load patches ? is there another ‘inbuilt’ browser ? - how do you load patches in 3rd party software ?

@Ben_at_Steinberg might be able to shed some light on why your C11 Padshop doesn’t show a SAM licensed expansion ?

just had chance to check here.

So, despite what I said earlier (!) - I don’t think that Padshop 2 has been updated to use SAM as I’ve still got a Padshop licence on one of my elicensers and no voucher has been issued. (I was misremembering this as Retrologue!)

This means that if Steinberg are marking elicenser licenses as ‘deleted’ (which they now seem to be doing) then these kind of problems are going to arise.

Not a problem for Halion/Retrologue/GA which are SAM-aware, but certainly a problem for Padshop.

The Padshop version 2.1.0 that I have installed actually supports SAM and should therefore also support Apollo.

If the Apollo presets are not displayed in the eLicenser-based Cubase versions, could it be because Padshop (and also Retrologue!) do not have their own Mediabay (mediabay3.db) but use the Cubase database? HSSE and GASE come with their own Mediabays!

Are you sure upgraded preset libraries for Retrologue (also SAM-upgradet) are visible in C11? I know colleagues who also report problems!

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I think that’s essentially the core of the problem.

I don’t have any updated ones to check but I suspect that will be a problem too.

My Padshop/Retrologue expansions are part of my Absolute 6 collection and are still on the elicencer so all still working fine.

I tried Padshop in a different host and then it comes up with it’s own browser (not Mediabay) - so maybe it would see them then ? but can’t see a way of forcing that ‘internal browswer’ in C11.

I’m really not sure why Steinberg are deleting licences from the elicenser when updating - this kind of issue was always bound to happen.

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