Status Line keep re-appearing when unchecked

No matter if I save a song project or just a template, the Status Line keeps coming back. As a matter of fact, the Status Line just re-appeared when I was working on a project!

Could anyone confirm:

  1. Go to Set Up Window Layout
  2. Uncheck Status Line box
  3. Save your song project or save a template
  4. Close Cubase8
  5. Reopen Cubase
  6. Choose a template or song project.

The Status Line is back! Would anyone please confirm?

make sure in your connections (F4) there aren’t any pending i/o’s to be made. if, for instance, you have set up an input stereo bus, but have not connected it to any i/o’s on your interface, the status line will come back as soon as you switch windows / workspaces. it is one of the more annoying things.

Thank you Lukas, I will check this out today in the studio as that very well could be the problem. And it would also explain why not many others have this issue.

Greg Houston, when you mention this for once…I’m glad my studio PC is off line. I know, these days it’s probably 99% safe, but my studio rules stem from the Wild Wild West days of the internet. Every time I do an off-line update or install I feel like I’m a bigger minority. At this moment I’m waiting for Arturia to email me my activation. :laughing: Their method for doing an off-line activation is similar to Native Instruments…except once you send them the request, it’s not immediate reply to then move to your off-line computer. You have to wait for an email. :laughing:

No luck.

I went to Devices>VST connections and there are no pending in/outs. Mine at the moment is super basic…just 2 stereo in and 2 stereo out. There are no pendings in any of the other tabs either.

Was this a problem in C7 or 7.5?

This has never been a problem for myself in the past on C7 or C7.5, but since no one else has mentioned it, I’m going to assume something is wrong on my system.

Does the status line say something?

I have seen this in C7.5, as well as in C8 (just after install).
In my case it said something about “not being online” or “being offline”, meaning I had no working/selected connections.

As long as I didn’t fix it, it keeped reopening after I closed the status line down (2-3 times before I actually read the STATUS :wink: )

Aloha guys,

I see this topic is still kicking’ around.

This has been an issue for me (and some others) since C7.

Seems not all axes exhibit this behavior in as much as (depending on the update/grade)
my laptop suffers but my desktop does not.

No ‘biggie’ here. Annoying yes but not a ‘showstopper’.

Still waiting on a fix.

Good luck!

Interesting…I kept ignoring it too. It said control room off line. I don’t even use the control room, but somehow it was maybe accidentally activated.

I had to deactivate it from the VST connections box and now everything works as it should.

Curteye if you don’t use control room make sure it is turned off from the VST Connections box.

Thank you!