Status line keeps turning itself back on

I have a strange problem that’s just started happening in the last couple of days where the Status Line keeps turning itself back at some point after i’ve turned it off.

Anyone else seeing this or any idea what it could be?

Maybe a keycommand you accidentially press?

I’ve set ‘i’ to open/close the inspector. Sometimes while typing a plugin name weird things happen, just because I’ve missed that my click into the insert slot was a little off and the menu didn’t open at all. I type ‘sil’ to get my UAD LA2A Silver up front but first something gets solo’d (s), the inspector opens (i) :astonished:

That was my first thought but it’s happening when i’m not even touching the keyboard.

That’s scary :wink:

it does that when some of the connections aren’t properly set or there’s an incorrect samplerate settings etc. just see whatever is coloured orange, that signals a settings that should be adjusted. afterwards it will stop showing up.

Yeah I noticed that about an hour ago. The input section was orange and said no inputs, so i’ve set it back to what it should be.