Status line opens itself since update to 11.0.20

Hey there,
issue is the status lines open it all the way. I’m just switching it off all the time and it comes back. I have this issue since I have uodated to Cubase 11.0.20

Confirmed here on Windows 10 20H2 and C11.0.20.


  1. Open a project – the status line appears
  2. Close the status line
  3. Save the project – the status line reappears!
  4. Close status line
  5. Save the project – the status line does not reappear
  6. Close the project
  7. Open the same project – the status line appears
  8. GOTO 2

@boris_partys @MrSoundman

Could you please post a screenshot with the status line?

The status line will automatically show up when inputs or outputs are not connected. I.e. when you have the Control Room enabled, but no outputs connected to the Monitor.

I did not know this! My test project was indeed created previously without the Control Room enabled. I did the following: open Cubase (not loading a project), F4 and check the Control Room outputs, close Cubase and re-open, F4 to check again that the setting has “stuck”, and the problem no longer occurs.

Only in the past year have I started using Control Panel (with VST Connect) and it seems only older projects exhibit the problem described above. Fixed now, thank you!

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I haven’t audio ‘in’ connected to this project. Does Cubase always require a Input allocation?