Status Line Reappears After Choosing To Hide It

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

  1. Create empty project
  2. Click Setup Window Layout
  3. Create an Instrument/Midi/or Audio Track
  4. Uncheck Status Line Visibility
  5. Disable Track and Re-enable Disabled Track
    -> Result = Status Line Reappears

If you uncheck the status line visibility and disable and then re-enable a track, the status line will reappear automatically.

The explanation for this behaviour can be found here:

How do you disable the studio ? Cubase connections - studio ? I need the connection to my monitors there, don’t I ?

I tried disconnecting everything and turning it off there but the problem is still there.

I don’t understand how the status line reappearing is a feature anyway. If I turn it off it should stay off, period.

I checked it out and figured it out and the design is absolutely horrible. Basically the status bar overrides MY DESCISION to turn it off whenever IT DECIDES there is an error. The status bar pops up if I have no audio input defined, no output defined or if the studio is not connected.

But that’s how I want it to be (except disconnected studio). I do not use any audio inputs as inputs. All my inputs are connected to hardware synthesizers and they are defined as external instruments because of latency compensation. You can insert them like software instruments.

I also do not use any physical audio outputs defined as audio outputs in Cubase. To actually hear something, I use the studio function and apply physical outs there. That’s also the only way to hear something when printing.

But Cubase insists that I have atleast 1 input and output and if not, the status bar pops up all the time.

Steinzwerg, thanks you so much for saving me a lot of aggravation!

Simply assigning an input ‘Device port’ under ‘VST connections’ did the trick. I won’t be using it, but at least in my case, it won’t do any harm either.