Status line

status line keeps on initiating I turn it off at least a dozen times a sesh, can’t find prefs or shortcuts that bI might have enabled. Not a bigy but I like to have the screens the way I want them , :blush:

so sad status line keeps coming back, do something look up there it is. never was like that, must overcome this Everest, without me Sherpa, air getting thin, is there anybody out there.(could be a song in this).
tom :neutral_face:

I’ve not experienced this ever.
Maybe you are hitting a key command and not realizing it?
Maybe a key on your keyboard is physically stuck?
This happened to me once and it took awhile to figure out what the hell was happening.
I think there are key commands assigned by default for those functions.
Look in Key Commands under “Editors”

That’s my best guess at this point.

Hay thanx for the reply this is (theoldman) hade to re register etc etc. you are possibly right and I will examine my gear however it has only happened after the 6 upgrade.

is there a key command… I couldn’t find one. Great if it dose.

Show/ hide Status is under Editors in KCs.

Do you use workspaces?

I do hide the status bar it just cums back when i’m not looking (the little bugger). but I’ve never tried to hide it via KC, I will do this later. I don,t use work spaces much at all, but will make my generic set up (without status) a workspace,…Thanx all not a biggge but annoying. :blush:

It isn’t normal behavior. You have something causing it to happen.

only started with n606 .Aus here so out ob bed now so I’ll give i another go. tar too all

still a problem happens all the time and on its own when just looking at the screen. set up short cut to get rid of it, it more an annoyance now as I use two screens.I just like a cluttered screen and more real estate. :wink: