Status of VST3 AU wrapper support

So I’ve spent the last week working with the AU/AUv3 wrappers with the built in AGain examples and have come to the conclusion that they are not reliable in their current form. Here are some examples of issues I’m come across:

  • AUv3 plugins can’t be resized
  • AUv3 plugins editors don’t open in Reaper
  • AUv2 plugins crash on plugin removable in Logic

It would be nice if Steinberg could help to resolve these issues, or perhaps even consider removing the wrappers from the SDK altogether to avoid misleading developers.

I have managed to stop AUv2 plugins from crashing on close by removing a ‘workaround’ in the auwrapper code.

And I managed to get AUv2 to resize properly now, too. Finally I have a workable VST3 template.