Stave & Drumset help


I’ve been trying to put together drumset sheets for my students and there’s a couple of things that I’ve not be able to find if it’s possible to do.

First is a break in the stave line. This is not a system break, or a frame break. What I would like is a break inbetween the bars, but keep them on the same horizontal line. I wondered if this is possible?

Secondly, I’m trying to do sextuplets between the bass and snare, however, when I try this it splits the bass and snare into different voices so they don’t flow together. Attached are screenshots. The first sextuplet is just on the snare, however when I try to either create a sextuplet from the bass and snare pattern in the stave above, or try to move the bass drum either using alt+arrow or just manually input the bass drum after hitting enter the pattern becomes the second thing that’s marked with the sextuplet bracket.



The easiest way to break the stave is to type Shift-R coda Enter, then hide the coda marking from the properties panel.

For triplets on kits, it’s a bit fiddly. My preferred method is to move the caret down to the relevant instrument using the arrow keys on the keyboard, then enter the next note by typing Y.

Another solution is to add a sextuplet on the snare and then use ALT+DOWN ARROW to move the notes desired to the Bass Drum space.


It’s the moving of notes between different instruments in the kit with Alt+up/down that is most likely to go wrong and cause some tuplet-related chaos, so where possible it’s best to input the notes on the appropriate instruments to begin with, as Leo suggests. (This is an area that will receive some attention in the next version of Dorico.)


I have to be honest, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but nothing you’ve suggested on the sextuplet issue has worked. It’s probable that it’s me!

Is it possible you could give me a step by step instruction? I’ve tried adding the first note, creating a sextuplet by pressing ; and adding the notes in, but still creates the bass drum unit a different voice to the first snare. I’ve tried creating a sextuplet before adding in any notes, and it seems to only want to crest a sextuplet on the cymbal line, and not the drum line. I’ve tried copy and pasting from the snare sextuplet and moving the notes. Nothing works.

This is using the latest version, and using the drum set voice.

Here’s a vid of what I’m doing. Maybe it will help so you can give me some pointers!

Are we working with the same Drum Kit setup in Notation Options > Percussion?

I also wonder how stemming might be arranged in our respective Drum Kits: I was just using the default Basic Drum Kit for my example.

(Given your experience, I can see why Daniel warns of a danger in my approach.)

Your video shows exactly the behaviour that I referred to earlier as being problematic, namely that if you try to move an existing note in a tuplet up or down between instruments in the percussion kit with Alt+up/down, the notes will “fall out” of the tuplet. This is one of the things we have been working on for the next version.

However, what you should find is that if you put the notes onto the right instrument during input, they will correctly end up in the tuplet as you expect. So for example double-click to show the caret, choose semiquaver by typing 4, then type ; to open the tuplet popover, 6:4 to specify the ratio, and now hit Y to input the first note. The caret advances. Hit Alt+down arrow to move to the next instrument down. Hit Y to input the second note. The caret advances. You can press Alt+up/down to move to the right instrument and hit Y to input the note and the notes will remain in the tuplet as you expect, provided you input them in the right spot.

This is all more complicated than it should be, which is why we’ve been working on it to try to improve it.

Ah! I followed those instructions and it worked fine :slight_smile: That method will be fine until a slicker way is available!

Thank you!