Stave Names for Opera-Stageplay

Hello Dorico team,
I need some assistance.

I have a player for each singer in a stage-play. I renamed the Instroments from “Tenor” or “Alto” etc to the characters. But hoenstly I would prefer to have the Player Name changed only and have this appear in the stave names.

I tried to realize a singe changing from singing to whistling by different Instruments. I#d like to have an option that all the players instruments show up in a cue on another singer, the singing and the whistling. Would be cool if that worked auto-magically.

When defining a second all-player partitura whith hide empty staves enabled, the wrong name/character/Instrument is displayed.

See attached file…

All advice would be appreciated. (904 KB)

I’m sorry to say that I can’t quite get my head around the problem you’re reporting here. Would you mind spelling it out for me? I’m looking at the ‘Nur Nötige Systeme’ layout, which shows just the music for the player ‘Josepha’, but as far as I can tell I’m seeing the correct player name everywhere. Can you tell me in which layout, at which bar, you’re seeing the problem? Thanks!

I think what he describes is is the same thing we have discussed for things like “Percussion 3” when the player holds multiple instruments:
Oldmacilli has a player called by its Player Name e.g. “Thomas” but holding multiple instruments “Singing”, “Whisteling” and “Mumbling”.

Well, if that’s the case, as discussed the only way to handle this at presdent is to rename each of the instruments that could appear at the start of a flow or otherwise as a staff label so that each one is called e.g. “Thomas”, so that the staff label is always correct.