Stave operations

Hello, I’m new to Dorico and I’m using SE3 version for Mac.
What I would like to do is to start a score with a piano staff (treble+bass) for an introduction then go on with a simple single staff with chords. In the attached image I would stop the bass staff at measure 10 then only keep the treble staff for rhythmic and chords.
Thank you in advance,


First time I’ve seen Donald Fagen notated in Dorico!

Go to Layout Options (Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-L) > Vertical Spacing, and ensure that Hide Empty Staves is set to All or After First System. Tick the box for hiding individual staves of grand staff instruments. Then Apply and Close.

Do you want to continue using the treble staff of the piano or switch to the guitar stave at the Verse?

Great hawkeye Pianoleo! It’s Maxine indeed :smiley:
I wanted to learn Dorico, why don’t with a beautiful song?

Thanks a lot for the reply. I’ll try your suggestion.

I want to continue using only the treble staff of the piano to insert chords and the structure for the sung part of the song after the piano solo introduction.
Hope to be able to do it!