Stave options

What is, in your opinion, the best way to add the third staff to the pianoforte, but only 3-line?

I’m not sure that will be easy. Why only 3 lines?

It will be more convenient to notate some inside-piano extended techniques, like the place of muting the string by hand

Maybe should I create new 3 line instrument and somehow join that stave to the piano staves

Feels like this could be done by creating custom techniques and symbols, map, one to each other and use them on the normal staves. There shouldn’t be that many things at once in staves, judging by the piano extended techniques.

Okay, I’ve just solve it. I create a new 3-line-staff instrument in Setup Mode and then i joined it to the piano Staff like that:

I assume you’ll now indicate what that staff is for, since it is a unsual thing.

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