stave positioning

Could anyone point me in the right direction for setting the distance between all staves? I can do it manually by dragging to the left of the 1st bar but this takes ages and I have to edit each page seperately. I thought it might have been in the score settings ‘positioning’ tab but no luck there either. I can change the size of all staves but not the distance between each one. Was also trying to find out if its possible to set the bar number to show on every bar not just the first on the page?

Hold down the modifier key while dragging left of the staff to adjust the space between all subsequent staves. (also Auto Layout might be useful here)

On mac the default modifier is the option key (I don’t have a PC nearby.)

Bar numbers: Score Settings>Notation Style>Bar Numbers: Show Every

Hi :slight_smile:
Three ways…

  1. Hold down the Alt Key while dragging a staff. It, and all staves following it, will get the new spacing.
  2. Scores menu>Auto Layout>Move Staves> “Minimum Distance between Staves/Grand Staves” (starting from the selected staff).
  3. Double-click in the Ruler (either vertical or horizontal) that surrounds the Page, so that the “Position Info” dialog appears. Select the first staff. Enter the desired value in “To Next Staff”, then hit Return while holding down the Alt key.
  4. (I haven’t found a fourth method :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: )
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Steve… we really can’t go on meeting like this! :mrgreen:

No, no. Let’s continue. I don’t care what people think! :open_mouth: Also, your answers are so complete I learn something each time.

fantastic! saved me an hour or two of unnecessary editing, thanks for the helps guys

by-the-by could anyone tell me if its possible to have bar numbers on every bar?

Like i said before :slight_smile:

Bar numbers: Score Settings>Notation Style>Bar Numbers: Show Every

:blush: sry, thx Steve, the wheel is turning but the hamsters dead

I had checked that in the manual before but I thought there was only two states available for show every: ‘First bar’ and ‘off’?

:confused: enter a number…

savage! thx again

Does this work for you? I find it very unpredictable and rarely does what I’d expect. The only way I can reliably spread the staves out is by selecting “optimize all”. Anything either crashes (!) - usually on the 2nd go - does nothing or leaves the current page unchanged and does stupid things with the rest!

Which are you doing? Staves or Grand Staves? Grand Staves does what it’s supposed to, Staves does seem a bit strange, but I didn’t play around with it much. (And I don’t use it, I use mouse + modifier key.) Let’s see what Vic has to say, it well might prove useful. :wink:

Mainly just staves - I’m doing drum scores at the moment so just one stave (or staff…). I tried Grand Staves because the instructions mentioned them…

I’ve had C6 crash on me several times - usually when I’m trying different “minimum distances”. Probably some obscure progamming error… :unamused:

Alt-drag works great - think I’ll stick with that in future. :wink:

fwiw, staves refers to individual staves within a grand staff, so if there is only one staff it is a grand staff, in terms of Cubase’s logic. That function does happen to work.

Not sure what I can say, here :confused: . Both work fine for me, although I too don’t use that method for basic setup… I usually end up dragging staves manually (chances are that a crescendo hairpin will be required at the same point as a grouped n-tuplet with down-pointing stems, with a lyric containing the letter “p” :stuck_out_tongue: ).
But I do always use Auto Layout for “Move Bars”.

So do I. But it’s not moving bars that’s the problem. Usually I find the first time I create a score and run auto-layout the staves are too close together, almost overlapping. A couple of tries at spacing them with the “minimum distance…” setting followed by “optimise all” and C6 crashes. If I change the min dist. and try any other option it either does nothing or spaces staves out randomly.

I shall stick to Alt-drag (which I overlooked in the manual) - which is what I suspect the testers do…