Staves not hiding

Hi! I have some issues with staffs not hiding. Like here (Perc 1 i showing Cym. and Sn.Dr but there is no content). How to fix?

That’s wild guessing with only that picture. I suppose that you’ve set the layout options>Vertical spacing to hide empty staves. I suppose those instruments have played somewhere in the 124 bars that precede the picture. I suggest checking out that there’s not continuous dynamic or playing technique applied there (that would not show a continuation line, but that would not prevent its continuous nature!) and if there is, make sure it does not continue up to bar 125!

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“Vertical spacing to hide empty staves” does not apply here as these are instruments for one player only (The 3 bottom ones).

Here’s a bigger picture (Perc 1 + 2)

Can you export and share just this layout and flow, for investigating?

I’ll see if I can get the time to do it.