Staves of multi-staff instrument not hiding

Hello Dorico users
I’ve got a Choir Reduction (two bracketed staves) within a larger score.
There’s times when I’d like the top staff to auto-hide and the same for the bottom one, but they are not hiding.
Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Hide Empty Staves is set to

  • “All Systems”

  • “Allow individual staves of multi-staff instruments to be hidden” is checked.

  • “Players excluded” does not include “Choir” (tho it does include piano).

I’ve noted the warnings here Hiding/Showing empty staves and my Choir staves do not contain chord symbols nor do they have extra instruments added.
Can anyone suggest any other reason why the empty bars of the Choir staves are not hiding?

Cannot suggest a reason, but you could construct the choir system from two separate instruments and then bracket them together but keep measure lines from joining (Using Soprano and Bass staves makes that possible.).

Regardless of the presence of chord symbols, is this option set correctly?

Thanks @pianoleo. Yes, it’s set to Above top staff.
The line above (“Align chord symbols across width of system”) was checked. I unchecked it, but no difference.

Try selecting and deleting the clefs at the start of bar 1. (This has theoretically been fixed but hey, you never know)

The clefs won’t select, so I guess that’s not the problem. But there are other abnormalities…
The Choir Reduction has no bracket or brace in the Full Score, but in the Piano-vocal score it does have a brace. Also…
When I change the Choir Reduction brace to a bracket, then the bracket on the full SATB choir disappears. (I have a Choir Reduction AND Full SATB. It’s got 15 flows, and when the choir is homophonic I use the Reduction and when the parts are independent I use SATB score)
Ideally, both choir scores should have a bracket. Could this be linked? It was all imported from sib via music xml.

Without seeing the file, my best suggestion is that you create new players holding new instruments, then copy and paste the contents of the existing instruments to the new ones, then delete the old ones. This should clear this up.

Thanks, Leo. I’ll try that.

Thanks to Derrek too.