Staves offset in score when Percussion Kit switches instrument

Something strange is happening with my Mallet/Suspended Cymbal parts in a score!
See attached video. FWIW, I tried saving, quitting out of Dorico, and reopening. No dice.


I removed all mallets from their Group in Setup and deleted the Custom Score, then started over from there. The staff offset issue was resolved, but now my Rehearsal Marks are appearing twice at every instance. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

If you encounter a place where a staff becomes disjointed mid-system at an instrument change, you can use Engrave > Staff Spacing > Reset Frame to reset this quickly and easily.

If you need help with your rehearsal marks, please attach the project here, or a cut-down version of it sufficient to reproduce the problem, and we’ll be glad to take a look.

Thanks for the tip, Daniel!
Whaddaya know - save, quit, and reopen worked for the duplicate Rehearsal Marks. :man_shrugging: