Staves super spaced-out to fit last page sometimes

I’ve got Elements. How do I override what Dorico does to the last page of staves (see pic).
Note: no “fixed number of bars/page” selected in Layout Options for this part.

Layout Options–Vertical Spacing–Justify distance between staves when frame is X% full. You can change the value to a higher percentage.

Got it. That worked. Thanks, dankreider!

Except… using the percentage justify option isn’t ideal, it seems. Or I haven’t found the “sweet spot” yet.
On the piano part, the staves are either too bunched up (see pic) or too far apart (justified).
Any suggestions?

You can have different values for each layout in your project, and you might well find that different values in different layouts are useful.

If the last page is only partly full, a trick to get the spacing similar to the previous full pages is to drag the bottom of the music frame up, until Dorico justifies the staves and the lowest staff is in the right place on the page. That is quicker than changing all vertical staff spacing on the page by hand.

But a more “professional” way to solve the problem is to change the note spacing (Engrave mode / Note spacing Change) to expand or compress all the music in the flow, so the last page has the same number of systems as the others.

wrldwdarr has Elements, though, which doesn’t allow some of these options.

I suspect you’ll struggle to get a half-full page to match the staff spacing of the top half of a full page exactly.

A full page spreads the systems vertically by the gap between systems (as defined in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing) and once the justification threshold is met, the systems are then spread further.

A half full page spreads the systems vertically by the gap between systems only.

If you increase the gap between systems in Layout Options, it’ll increase on half-full pages, but it’ll also increase the gap on full pages, which may mean that Dorico thinks it can fill a page with five systems rather than six (or whatever). There’s a fine balance to find, and it might take a little trial and error.