Staying local between layouts?

I’m new to Dorico and I have a question about navigation between layouts in write mode.

In WRITE mode/Page view, I’ve found it’s easier to enter chords and lyrics into individual parts than into my full score. However, when switching back to the score (using the drop down menu, center, top), I sometimes get sent to a completely different location (often a completely different flow!). Is there a preference to stay local? I.e. if I’m working on bar 127, of flow 4, of the piano part, then select to view the full score, is it possible stay in the same place?

I’m assuming Dorico is sending me back to where I last viewed the score layout, which could be handy in certain circumstances, but in this case I’d rather stay local. Is there an option for this? If so, I couldn’t find one. Thanks in advance.

Okay I figured it out! One must have an object selected when switching views to stay local. Got it!

Yep. And try W - it’s quicker than the dropdown.

Here’s the rub that I’ve found with this just now. If I first select a note in my piano part (to tell Dorico I want to stay at this bar when I switch views), Then I view the Score. The view remains local. All is well. The note is still selected. However, if I don’t manually do anything in the score view before returning to the piano part, I did not stay local. Dorico again sent me to the first bar of the first flow??? I’m not really understanding how to get the behavior I want.

I just did some more experimentation. So if I select a note in a part, and switch to score, I stay local, but once here, If I do nothing or even if I select a note in the full score and switch back to the same part, I do not stay local, I go to the beginning of the first flow. Is this the normal behavior for Dorico?

The situation isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot better than in previous versions. There’s still some optimisation to do, and you’ll find various lengthy threads on this subject (the longest of which is probably this one:
Yes, this is normal Dorico behaviour.

Bear in mind that if you’ve got something selected and Dorico sends you back to bar 1, that thing is still selected. You can generally hit Play or hit some arrow keys to persuade Dorico to put the selected thing in front of you.

By the way, you might just find that entering chords and lyrics is easier in Galley View - I certainly do!

Thank you. Great tip. And the “W” shortcut is fantastic too. Well, this local issue is definitely my biggest gripe on the Dorico wish list. “Dorico, please make it possible to keep my view local when changing layouts. Consistently. Always.” It halfway works. So maybe the other half is in the works. Thanks for getting me up to date on this issue.

Thanks, I’ve found I actually prefer page view for lyrics and chords because I can see a lot more of the piece on my screen at once. Although one gripe I have is when the popup advances to the next, page it almost always gets hidden behind the top edge of the window, so I have to scroll a bit to see it again. Minor things. I know this issue doesn’t happen in Galley, so I can see that benefit for sure.

In Page view you can have the pages scrolling either horizontally or vertically, if that helps. Vertical can be nicer to use if you have more than one system on a page.

The controls for the scroll direction are at the bottom right of the window.

Good to know. I can see how that view could come in really handy on a laptop. I’m mostly just sitting here in from of my 38" Dell UltraWide and I love to make use of the horizontal real estate when I can. I’m looking forward to using Galley view more, once I get a bit more of this score written in.