Staying on Selection Tool

I’m getting this behavior which seems like there must be a preference for, though I can’t figure out what it would be called.

I do a lot of editing where I’d like to select things repeatedly (for example, specific notes, or specific hairpins). However, after selecting one item, my cursor immediately switches to a ghost notehead and displays the rhythmic grid above the bar. It’s like I’ve entered note input half way (because the carat has not yet appeared - though it does as soon as I click anywhere)?

I appreciate having the “double click to switch to note entry”, but I’m not double clicking, I’m single clicking. It means that if I want to select 3 things, I select, hit escape, select 2nd thing, hit escape, select 3rd thing. I’m I clicking wrong? A preference I can’t figure out?

Thank you!

It sounds as if you have mouse-input activated.

I’ve tried toggling that on and off and it appears to make no difference to the behavior I’m experiencing.

For example, if I even just command “Deselect”, the rhythmic grid now follows my mouse around. I don’t even need to have anything selected for this to start happening.

It certainly sounds like mouse note input is enabled. If you activate the select tool (the one that looks like a mouse pointer) in the notes toolbox on the left-hand side in Write mode, you should find that it’s no longer possible to input notes with the mouse, and you won’t see the grid or shadow note when you move the mouse pointer over the music.

Ah! I see now, I thought by deselecting, that I was switching to the Select tool, but I was not. Thank you! I’m a little confused what, exactly, my “mode” is when nothing on the left panel is lit up, but that’s not really important. Thank you so much - and I’m really impressed with how quickly you responded to this forum post!