Staying On The Same Page When Shifting Modes


Let’s say, I’m editing page nine, in Engrave Mode, and I want to see what it looks like in Print Mode. When I switch, the project goes to page one, then I have to scroll down. Is there a way of preventing that?

If I want to make adjustments after that, switching back to Engrave Mode takes me straight back to page nine.

I tried switching off the “Edit Frames” button, but that doesn’t make a difference. A feature called, “Hide Frames” may not make sense, since “Print Mode” does that. Maybe, “Stay On Location” or something similar.

Just brainstorming, in that last paragraph …

Dorico’s page layout features are “happening”! :sunglasses:

I think that perhaps a more appropriate way of handling this would be to have a dedicated preview window. Not a new mode, just a button that while in engraving mode, it produces your score without any over-lays or any distractions, perhaps on a black background. That way you could take a look at the music, no distractions, but you wouldn’t have to be flipping to print mode (which really isn’t supposed to be for that kind of review and study).

Thank you for the response!

How do we do that?

Hmm, I would love to hear Daniel’s thoughts on this, whether they have considered such a usage. As Romanos pointed out, I don’t think one’s first inclination is ever to regard Print mode as the best place to do that kind of reviewing, and it wasn’t designed for that.

I would be all behind either an InDesign-style W view (I forget what the shortcut refers to by menu name, but it hides all guidelines and such) or Shift-W view (full screen preview).

… but, isn’t Print Mode the last line of defense, so to speak; the last place to make sure that everything is right?

I’d say everyone’s workflow differs. I spend very little time in Print Mode, and certainly not looking at the score itself. By the time I get there, usually everything is in its place.

In FontLab, a program with which I have spent many hundreds of hours over the years (and from where I stole the idea of using Z and X as shortcuts for zoom), you can hold down ` (not coincidentally the key to the left of Z) to get a preview of how your glyph will actually look. We plan to add such a feature to Dorico in the future, so that from Write or Engrave modes, all of the paraphernalia like frames, signposts, etc. will be hidden and you can see what will actually be printed, at any zoom level, and on any page. I think this will be superior to using the print preview for this purpose. I can’t say when it will be added, though.

That is delightful news, Daniel. As with everything else, we look forward to it. I think that will be a most elegant and helpful solution!

For what it’s worth, I find Setup Mode useful for this sort of “print preview” function. After the initial score setup, I switch to Page View in Setup Mode, zoom out, and then hit Cmd-0 to hide the interface. Then throughout the Engrave Mode process I can always hit Cmd-1 to get a clean view of the page. (Admittedly signposts are still a bother, but I usually have those off anyway.)

Thanks Cor anglais 16 for the tip with cmd-0 in setup mode ! I did not notice it and it can be very useful !

Does Setup Make de take you to the page you’re viewing, when you switch modes?

Setup mode does not, in principle, change anything in the score as it is displayed: it should show exactly the same thing as Write Mode, both in Page and in Galley view, if I recall correctly.

Sorry! That question could have been clearer.

What I mean is, if you’re editing page 6, in Engrave mode, and you switch to Setup mode, will you see page 6, or, will you have to scroll to page 6?

I did a quick test - it seems that sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

I believe I understood the question, which means that it was my answer that was not clear, and not your question!

If you’re in Engrave Mode and you switch to Setup mode, it should display exactly the same thing — say, page 6. I would have to test as I can’t recall this behavior from memory, but I think it should to that even if you were in Galley View in Write mode before. Might be wrong, but I think it should be like this.

Either way, Daniel has said that he’s considering implementing a quick preview shortcut.

That would be NICE! where’s that “thumbs up” gremlin? :slight_smile: