Steady note value - how?

Feathered beems Exc. 290523 090424.dorico (911.5 KB)

In M18 (this is just a drill) I’m getting non steady note values, although the writing asks for the same 1/32 I am hearing free impros from the software over these… why? I do not know.
Now I have tried the re quantize option over 32s no gaps or tuplets hoping for a clean 32nds but I am getting variations over these notes - maybe it has something to do with previous attempts to get a nice arch of tempos in the fanned beam issue I do not know…

Hi @Ram_Haimoff , if I understand what your issue is, I think it depend from various humanisation options in Dorico. They can be found in menu Library/Playback options (but you already probably know, because I see that you changed some defaults there…?).

These options also depend from the Playback Template that you are using (because Playback templates can override some of the settings). To see how the Playback is influenced by this options you have to switch to the Played duration view in the key-editor

Here below I show some of the options (with the Iconica Sketsch &Co. Template loaded). You can switch all the options to 0 (zero) or deactivate them, so that the Humanisations doesn’t take place:

click to expand example pictures

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Thanks very much for your reply and input, I’ll look into that, perhaps I missed this setting…
thanks again :slight_smile:

Just to add in :slight_smile:
I was checking the played duration and have found no flows, yet compare to the played duration there were gaps in notation (which shouldn’t really meter because its the played duration that gives the audible picture.
So I think there is something funny going on in the back of things…
This is not the only problem I came across with while trying to practice the fanned beam issue… (meter issues - suddenly having the N drowse to the beginning of the work… beaming …)
Thanks very much for your insight.