STEAM-5371 Playback on first note of flow

Claims playing techniques on the first note of a flow now playback correctly. I am not experiencing this. Pizz. does not take on the first note of a flow.

Does it work for you if you turn off timing humanisation in Playback Options? Or if you try dragging the start time of the note forwards very slightly in Play Mode?

Neither of those suggestions works. What does work is to insert a small rest in front of the first note. Even as small as 1/1024 rest.

One thing I don’t understand is even though the first note doesn’t take, neither do subsequent notes. In fact the playing technique in the play mode technique lane shows Natural even for subsequent notes. It seems to me that the playing technique mark should take effect at some point no matter where the first note begins.

If I move the pizz to the second note then it works. It’s as if the playing technique text is not seen if it is attached to a note at time 0. It is seen if attached to a note at any other time greater than 0, including 1/1024 later in time.

Here is an example of the problem. Note that the violin works as expected, but the viola does not. If I create a file with a single instrument, then it works. But more than one instrument does not. (1.03 MB)

Some additional data on this issue. If you have several instruments with a playing technique in the first beat of the first bar of the flow, only the instrument on top of the list in setup mode will invoke the playing technique, all others ignore it completely (i.e., it’s not even acknowledged on subsequent notes).

If you change the order of instruments in setup mode, then the one now on top invokes it’s playing techniques and all others ignore it (including the one that was on top in the prior order.

Grace notes attached to the first note of a flow are also affected in a similar way to key switches.

Yes, grace notes at the start of the flow are not yet played back. All of this is still on our backlog to improve in future.

It has not been resolved yet it seems. The pizz. will work from the first note if the instrument is chosen as layout and thereby soloed though.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I’m still not getting playback on a grace note if it is the very first note in a flow. A work around is to put an empty pickup bar first.

You’re not doing anything wrong: this is not yet supported.