Steinber Hub connection improvement

Ok this is a small one and I haven’t been able to find if it just a settings change or not but I don’t usually have my DAW connected to the internet from starting up and only connect when needed.

When I start CP8 the HUB starts and that is how I want it but on the left side no internet connection found message displays, well of course it does as i’m not connected to the internet, but later on I might want to use the HUB for maybe one of the online vids or something.
So I connect to the net and open the HUB and it still says no connection found, I have to quit and restart CP8 before it will see that there is a connection available to use the HUB.
Why can’t it see that the internet IS connected, can this be fixed.

In General I’m liking CP8, yes a few things to iron out and with my gear i’m having very little in the way issues, I’m just a spare room hobby studio setup though not a 12 hour a day studio.