Steinberg 5 Essential & mAudio 610 Interface @ Mac 10.6.8

have an issue to connect the external audio interface (maudio 610) to cubase.
I can select in the device configuration the asio 610 driver and can also configure the audio lines.
I configured also the Input and Outputs correct.
Just could not record something and can not hear allready recorded sounds.

Does somebody knows the possible reason?

When I open the Driver Software separetely I can see the inputs that means the driver works fine…

Thanks in advance.
Bildschirmfoto 2011-07-03 um 16.53.37.jpg

Just what inputs and outputs did you set?

Are the channel ins and outs right?

Input and output should be set ok.

See also my attachments…
It is normal that the driver in cubase is only listed as “profire 610” and not “ASIO profire 610” or something like that?
Should the name contains “ASIO” ?


Here the rest of the screenshots…

Ok… a couple of things I noticed.

Your input is set to (profire 610 2) so your input on the interface would be the second one not the first (Profire 610 1)

And when playing back make sure the monitor button is off (the little speaker icon)

Otherwise it all looks good. (i think)

Everything what you described was allready done, my micro is on the input 2 channel and for sure even when I
play the channel I switched off the monitor.
Anyway its nothing recorded and therefore nothing to play…

Any other hints?

import a wavefile from somewhere and see if that plays?

Also allready tested, still not plays sound…
In this case you can see the sound-level (amplitude) just hear nothing…


Reinstall driver?

Silly question but you do have speakers connected to the interface?

I guess its a cubase issue, as I allready wrote the profire-mixer (standalone) shows the input level…?

No speakers, I put a headset to the profire soundcard (output 1/2)…

Does this issue make sense to you

It seems that is a fix for USB, just Im using firewire as you can see In my screenshot…

Ah yes… firewire.

Sorry I’m all out of ideas :cry:


Anyway many thanks…

I hope some others have an idea ?