Steinberg account password not recognized

I have exactly 2 months waiting for help for restoring my steinberg user account. I have tried to upgrade my cubase 10 to Nuendo on december 15th. Im still on the need of upgrading and havent received the support. It is frustrating and such a shame :angry: . Im already digging Reaper and im finding it very powerful and flexible :triumph:.


Be aware, MySteinberg credentials are independent on the Online Shop credentials (which is operated by AskNet). It might be, you have different user name or password for every of the system.

Hi Martin. Thank you for your answer. Im aware about unoperability by AskNet. Here an image of their email answering my request december 15th. but they have never wrote me back

Should i just keep writting emails to them until they answer me? Thank you again


I expect you replied to the email to confirm, you want to proceed.

Yes, I would continue to writing an emails to them.

Yes i have replied as soon as their emailed arrived. And then another 23 times. Thank you


Oh, that’s a lot. What about a phone call… Did you try, please?

NO worries Martin. I dont feel like loosing more time hanging on the phone. Thank you anyways