Steinberg Activation Manager could not find a valid license and I have run out of activations

In the last 6 weeks I have worked on projects for 2 days and the rest of the time I spend trying to fix a broken dongle and the issuses that came along with that so to expidite repairs, the first day it was available I upgraded to Cubase 12 Pro. I had it running like a gazel the second day and finished recording 2 songs in 3 days and then last night it suddenly wouldn’t boot. The Steinberg Licence Manager could not find a valid license but I could see it in the “Products” section of “mysteinberg” and it went on to say I had run out of activations and was using it on 3 computers when I only own 1 computer that uses Cubase 12 pro. Another 24 hours straight on the Easter weekend doing nothing but trying to repair Cubase.

No one has replyed to me as of yet.

No one has replyed to me yet but while I was writting my reply , up popped the Activation Manger asking to try again

Hi @Tim_Roland_Schumache,

Please try to launch and activate Cubase again. It should work now.

All the best,

Matthias: thank you for the heads up. I now have Cubase 12 up & running and looking forward to long day of work.
Tim Roland Schumacher

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