Steinberg Activation Manager for OS 10.12.6 Sierra

Hello, I’m trying to upgrade from the eLicenser to Steinberg Licensing, but the Steinberg Activation Manager required for this will not work in OS 10.12.6

Is there an older Activation Manager that will work so that I can register the products I purchased in the MySteinberg account?

You probably should contact support and ask for an older installer. Last release for Sierra was in 2019, but I can’t remember if initial release for activation manager would accept it (or if Steinberg would ask for High Sierra or even higher as a minimum).

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Sorry, but the oldest version of macOS supported by the Steinberg Activation Manager is 10.14 (Mojave), from late 2018. Even the oldest version of SAM will most likely not work on 10.12 (Sierra).

You’ll be able to activate your upgraded licenses at any time once you’re able to upgrade to a version of macOS (or Windows 10/11) which supports the Steinberg Activation Manager, so don’t worry too much if everything seems to work fine. If any of your licenses stopped working suddenly, please download the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center, and then click the “Maintenance” button to the top left. Please get in touch with Steinberg support as soon as possible if that doesn’t fix it, even after a computer restart.

Thanks! The problem is I have to move to Steinberg Licensing by 2015 since the eLicenser is being discontinued, and I will not be able to upgrade the OS by then. So if the eLicenser fails, or if I want to upgrade any of the products in the future I’ll be stuck I think…

You can use another computer just to upgrade (Mac or windows). Doesn’t need to be the computer you are going to use in your daily basis.

Thank you! I actually thought of that already, but the Activation Manager demanded the USB e-licenser (dongle) connected. Once I connected it the Manager determined it’s not the same computer the product is licensed for, and rejected the attempt to upgrade.

Not sure what to do…

Your elicenser license is attached to an USB key or a machine? If it is attached to a machine (soft elicenser) you will need to move it to a elicenser key before trying to upgrade on another computer.

You can install elicenser and new activation manager on another computer, attach the key with actual license and upgrade there. There is no computer restriction when dealing with activation manager (you have 3 slots for 3 different computers).