Steinberg Activation Manager glitch - and spurious authorisations

Long story, but the battery failed on my PC motherboard - and the time was reset - I thought CR2032 lasted forever nowadays ?

This seemed to have upset the Steinberg Activation Manager - which complained about a lack of licence when I started Cubase 12. It said the one I had was ‘expired’ and offered to let me buy one. Also seemed to lose the Nuendo 12 authorisation I had on the PC too. None of my licences were showing as available.

Tried to refresh and then warned me in no uncertain terms ( :slight_smile: ) about the time discrepancy, which was only a couple of hours or so (the date was correct). Resynced to NTP server and things returned to normal. And licences suddenly became activated as normal (phew)

What the process did do is to grab another spurious Cubase 12 activation in my online account - which I have no way of removing as whatever ‘random’ SYSID it thinks is activated doesn’t exist - so can’t be deactivated.

@Ben_at_Steinberg - it would be good to find out why the PC was randomly grabbing activations and find out how to link Steinberg SYSIDs back to actual computer IDs…and give us tools to fix the spurious and incorrect activations ?

just to add to this

changing the system date puts the Activation Manager in a very unstable place

(windows 10)

The next release of Steinberg Activation Manager will add human-readable computer names to help distinguish between activations.

thanks - hopefully then we should be able to see when the same computer has grabbed multiple applications.