Steinberg Activation Manager-noticing something

I’m on Windows 10, just getting ready to do a clean install of windows 11. I have Cubase 12 (on one computer), sl9pro, wavelab 11, & a bunch of older versions via my elicenser

Ok…so Cubase 12…as an experiment…in case something goes wrong with my pc reinstall (not that it would)…I…for the first time…opened up activation manager and purposely deactivated cb12. Easy.

As a confirmation, I then started cb12 up…expecting it to say something like “not activated”.

But no…what actually happens is that the activation manager proceeds to…in the background…reactivate cb12.

wtf. I didn’t want that. I deactivated it for a reason.

Seems to me, that if I deactivate cb12, it should stay deactivated until/unless I purposely go into the activation manager and specifically click “activate” or reactivate or whatever.


By this step you activated Cubase again.

With all due respect, I believe I already stated that :slight_smile:

I use a six-slave daw farm and rotate which machine combinations I work with. Ultimately, I’m the type who will buy a multi-machine license from sb when they get around to figuring one out. Or maybe I’ll just buy another cb12 to pick up three more activation possibilities

Until then, with the slaves all being online, I’ll just have to stay conscious of which cb12s to not accidently start up after having deactivated them.

I’ve only begun using 12 on one machine…it was just surprising to me that the activation assistant would override my purposeful deactivate choice.