Steinberg activation manager problems

Thanks Steinberg for the new stupid licensing system. Now I am trying to solve problems why the licensing system system is not working instead of making music. Wish the elicenser was still there.
I really don’t understand why Steinberg choose this license system all their software is cracked now.


What is your problem? How can we help you?

but my computer is online I have internet

taken from my music pc


Make sure any antivirus or firewall doesn’t block the communication with the server, please.

My firewall it out and still


This is completely other message. Did you allow the browser to open Steinberg Activation Manager?

yes I did

And this is happening on 2 different computers none of them is working


Which browser do you use, please? Have you read this thread?

I always try different browers did delete the cache and cookies and now I cannot even login to the steinberg website so it got worse

If you can’t login to the Steinberg website at all, you have a problem that is totally unrelated to Licensing. First of all you need to find out what is blocking you from the website login, like Antivirus or Adblocker. Then you can start the Activation Manager.


If I can login to all kind of websites but not the Steinberg one I would suggest Steinberg has some issues because it’s interconnected with the license manager

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The website is independent of the Activation Manager. What you are trying to tell is that the Activation Manager is linking into all your web browsers, taking control of your login.

Did you try to login to the Steinberg website on a computer where no Activation Manager is installed? Did that login proceed?

I can login again but the activation manager is linking to the website I get stuck see uploaded screen with the try agian message.

Even on my laptop I cannot create on offline license. So I tried 3 different computers none of them is working.

You said you can login to the Website, did you check the list of your products using the new licensing?

Do you see your Cubase product there? However, you should call Steinberg Support and ask them about what is going on here. Without access to the resources behind this it is just a guessing game.

Yes I do Cubase is there in the screen you posted. Problem was I could not acitvate a demo of Backbone so I logged out of the license manager but now I cannot login anymore.

Even offline generating on another pc is not working

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