Steinberg Activation Manager won't install


On a Win 10 x64 PC, I want to install Steinberg Activation Manager.

I downloaded Steinberg_Activation_Manager_Installer_win.exe
and when I run it, it shows the installer window for a few seconds, then that disappears and nothing happens.

Installation is not performed and there is no error message.
(I attach a screencast)

I have Cubase LE 12 installed and it doesn’t start as it’s not activated (error is “Bo valid license found, program will quit now”)

I have a Download Access Code which I registered in my online account.

What’s the matter with Steinberg, shouldn’t I expect that they make decent programs…?

All I want is just use Cubase LE, how can I do that?

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Why did you clicked the installer itself?
If you use the Steinberg Download Manager to install Cubase LE 12 it will install all tools needed for the software.

Your Video is not supported by the forum…

Is the Activation Manager still on this list?

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I clicked the exe installer because that’s how all programs get installed normally.

If SAM should be installed as part of the Steinberg Download Manager, then why do they provide it as a separate installer…?
Does it make sense not to install it like that?

I checked in Control Panel > Programs and Features, and I can see these:
Steinberg Cubase LE AI Elements 12
Steinberg Download Assistant
Steinberg Library Manager
Steinberg Generic ASIO driver
eLicenser Control

There is no Steinberg Activation Manager, meaning that it hasn’t been installed as part of the Download Manager.

I attach the zipped mp4 file. (763.1 KB)

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I guess by clicking the “exe” you uninstalled it.

I don’t think so, I never saw it installed in the first place.

And the process just closes, it doesn’t render any result at all. No installer/uninstaller works like that; there are at least a few checking / warning Yes/Cancel messages.
In this case there is nothing, the installer just crashes after a few seconds, that’s all.

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Hi Ranger,

I have the same issue, the SAM won’t install, the installer window is showen for a few seconds, then that disappears and nothing happens.

How did you solve this issue?
Thanks a lot,

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Please i`m having the same issue. can anyone tell me howto solve this problem? thanks

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Use Steinberg Download Manager to install the software.
And it takes time. Sometimes it helps to run it as administrator.
If necessary, it will install system updates (runtimes for .net).

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I’ve been more than three days trying to reinstall steinberg download manager but it kept closing continuously without giving me a chance to finish the installation. After a lot of research I found a link which explains well which registry keys to delete in order to restore the installation correctly.
IT FINALLY WORKED! (however, what an effort!)

This forum doesn’t permit to include the link…so look for “advanceduninstaller” including the keywords “How to uninstall Steinberg Activation Manager from your PC” and you will find it!


look for"advanceduninstaller" where?

https www advanceduninstaller com Steinberg-Activation-Manager-d6e2a4eb8ed1104c8b17a79f995a497a-application htm

Put slash, dot, etc. to complete the link, because it is not permitted to share links here!

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so are u saying u used that program called advanced uninstaller?or did u manually delete all those files just?

If you have tinkered with Windows, you might discover that seemingly unrelated things break. Using programs that edit the registry, which is part of what the utility that @Carlo_Alberto_Bonazz proposes does edit the registry. Personally, I try to only use tools whose behavior I understand, because if you fiddle enough, you could make your Windows installation appear to be broken. (I say appear because there are many ways to fix it, but the learning curve is steep if you’re not well acquainted with the niceties of MS Windows ;))

There is an official way to do this, as @st10ss has posted, and if you do it that way people here can help you.

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i used download manager to install the software,but it does not install activation manager.
there is no word of activation manager in download assistant

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It would be in your Start menu, or in C:\Program Files\Steinberg

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nope,its in neither of those places


please wait while the installation program is initilizing appears when i start to install,then all dissapears after 10 seconds or so and it does not install

why oh why oh why is this happening?

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If you right click on the Cubase shortcut and open the installation folder, then go back one folder.
Is Activation Manager listed among the folders ?

Maybe you have an anti-virus that blocks the installer.

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right click on desktop shortcut? i see open file location,is that what u mean?
if so,i open and it opens in c program files steinberg cubase 12,i cant go back from that

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Yes just open the Steinberg folder…

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i have opened the steinberg folder,but its not possible to go back one folder from that,as thats the first folder i open

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